Scoring Policy.

Perplexed as to how we come to a decision, as to what score we present to a reviewed game or product? Have you been confused as to what these scores actually mean? Well, you’re in luck. This scoring policy has been written to explain all and leave no area for doubt.

Essentially, every game or product that is reviewed by our team is based on the reviewers opinion’s and feelings about said product. As these are opinion based reviews, you may disagree with the wording or the final score of the review, however, we understand that you have your own opinions and we encourage you to express those views.

Each and every review has a detailed description as to why the game or product receives a certain score. From the perfect little parts to the major flaws, these are decided by the reviewer. Your definition of perfect may very well vary from the reviewers. The overall score of the game SHOULD NOT be taken as fact, but should instead be used in the correct context which is that all scores are more of a guide for comparing how each product rank’s out of 10.

Our Scoring system does not represent a mathematical equation and is simply a rating system, from 1 to 10 (1 the worst and 10 the best). Our scores are based on the quality of the game and how the reviewer feels the product stacks up against products of the same Genre as well as analysing a number of features that present themselves in the game.

10 – Stupendous
A 10 out of 10 is a near perfect score. There is never such thing as a perfect game, however, if a reviewer has awarded the game or product a 10 then that means that the game demonstrates near flawless performance in many aspects whilst also demonstrating genre defining features. This score is very rarely handed out and means the game is a must buy for any gamer.

9 – Superb
If a game receives a 9 out of 10, this means that it has proven to the reviewer that it is worthy of their time and effort and should be treated as such. Yes a 9 is lower than a 10, however, the game has made an effort in all of the right areas and is well worth a buy.

8 – Great
An 8 is a great score and is well deserving of a play through, however, whilst playing the game, you may experience minor factors that contribute to a less than perfect experience. Don’t let that hold you back though!

7 – Satisfying
A game that has received a 7 is quite often a good solid game that falls short on a few issues. We still recommend playing these games. Poke around; Read a couple reviews and consider all the different opinions.

6 – Commendable
Games rated 6 are sometimes fun to play and have many redeeming factors, however, the majority of the titles have minor bugs or glitches that bring the game to its knees. Do your research and always look at more than one review.

5 – Mediocre
This is where it gets tricky, a game that’s rated 5 is a mediocre or average game. It’s up to you whether you purchase games rated 5 or whether you steer clear. There will always be reasons as to why we rate a game 5 so consider all aspects before purchasing.

4 – In need of attention
Any product that we rate 4 out of 10 is just plain and simple bad and is in need of attention, however, it may have some redeeming qualities that make it playable and can be enjoyed. Take heed when assessing whether to buy these. If blockbuster was still around we’d recommend you go there first.

3 – Awful
These sorts of games are made on a budget! No doubt everyone knows these are bad titles and you will rarely see them in media magazines or on internet forums. IT’S A USUALLY A TRAP!

2 – Frightful
A 2 is no better than a 1. The product still has horrifying aspects that make it unplayable. It’s not even worth a trip back in time to a blockbuster. Steer clear AT ALL COSTS!

1 – Unredeemable
This game is a perfect example of a horrible game that has no reason to exist. If we’ve scored a game 1, then be sure to run like hell in the opposite direction. DO NOT BUY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!


Changes to our Policies

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This policy was last modified on April 20th, 2017